For more than a century, AB&I has been a proud part of the Oakland community. We are the ultimate recycler, manufacturing high-quality cast-iron products from scrap metal and providing employment for hundreds of local residents, contributing millions to the Oakland economy, and helping to build a more sustainable future for everyone.

We’re proud to keep local manufacturing alive and well in East Oakland, where good-paying blue-collar jobs are hard to find. Our union workforce of more than 200 skilled tradespeople earn good pay with excellent benefits, and our $11.3 million annual payroll along with the taxes we pay and local products we purchase represent a $60 million annual impact on the local economy.

Both our manufacturing process and our products make us an important contributor to a more sustainable and greener future in Oakland and the Bay Area. AB&I recycles tons of scrap iron from local sources every year and converts that into high-tech soil pipes that connect homes and businesses to the water treatment facilities that protect our Bay and watersheds. These pipes are not only durable, strong and fireproof, they also use less energy to make. The scrap metal we use would otherwise be dumped into landfills or generate significant greenhouse gas emissions by being transported to distant factories.

We also recognize our responsibility as long-time members of the East Oakland community to invest in continuous safety and environmental improvements to our facility. We operate our facility with the utmost concern for the safety of our workers, our neighbors, and the local environment, meeting or exceeding the most stringent regulatory standards.

As the local community has grown around us over the decades, we have worked diligently to modernize our operations and add the latest in technology for protecting air and water quality around our plant. We reuse water and solid materials from our manufacturing process, reducing our water usage by a million gallons a day and our solid waste by 500 tons a year.

AB&I and our people contribute to the local community in many other ways, partnering with local schools and universities to educate students about manufacturing, and teaming with the Alameda County Food Bank and local, neighborhood churches to provide meals for our less fortunate neighbors. We have organized community clean-up days and work with local leaders to fight illegal dumping in the streets around our plant.

We and our union workers are proud of our Oakland-made products, of our investments in sustainability, and of our commitment to the community that extends back more than 100 years.