AB&I Hosts Manufacturing Day

We recently hosted two local high schools from Oakland for Manufacturing Day. The students and teachers learned about the manufacturing process of cast iron pipe & fittings and enjoyed a foundry tour where they saw how a product is made from start to finish.

Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity to show college bound students what careers look like in manufacturing.

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AB&I Helps Clean-Up local Elementary

Recently a group of team members went out to our local elementary school to help freshen it up before the children came back. Unfortunately during the last 18 months the school became pretty run down during closure and was in dire need of a makeover.

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Supervisor Nate Miley's BBQ Roundup

AB&I Team Members, Robin & Kristin, recently attended Supervisor Nate Miley's Roundup BBQ in Castro valley at the Graceland  Equestrian Center. They had a fundraiser to preserve agriculture in Alameda County. 

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AB&I Foundry Proud Partner of 2nd Annual CM Loren Taylor's Juneteenth Jubilee

AB&I is honored to be part of this year's 2nd annual Juneteenth Jubilee hosted by District 6 City Council Member Loren Taylor. 

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AB&I Draft HRA Community Meeting Recording

Thank you for joining us for AB&I's Draft HRA Community meeting. Below please find the link to the recording of the meeting held on Tuesday, May 18th. 

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Community Outreach Information

Dear neighbors,

We are informing you that AB&I received a copy of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Health Risk Assesment report on Friday, April 9th. To learn more, click here.

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Eunice Law—A Legacy Continues, “Hearth Filled Organization Hand Made Baskets”

AB&I participates in Eunice Law—A Legacy Continues, “Hearth Filled Organization Hand Made Baskets” to give to children for Easter.

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On November 10, 2020, AB&I Foundry teamed up with local California law enforcement authorities and melted down hundreds of firearms from buy-back programs.  The foundry has been in partnership with regional law enforcement agencies for over 30 years. The gun melt program was designed to permanently remove guns and weapons from the streets of California in order to reduce violence in communities.

 “We really appreciate AB&I doing this for the city.  You have been doing it for a long time,” said Oakland police department officer Ott Burton.

 Firearms were collected through buy-back programs and cases involving weapons which had been tried and closed. Upon delivery of the firearms by law enforcement officials, and array of rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives and automatic rifles were melted down and recycled into new products such as cast-iron soil pipe and fittings used in plumbing systems.

 “Our partnership with local law enforcement takes recycling to a higher level by converging our goals. AB&I  want to green the planet, and law enforcements  strives to keep the community safe,” said Michael Lowe, General Manager of AB&I. Over the years,  the Oakland Police Department has referred other agencies including the Department of Justice in Sacramento, and the Sacramento Sheriff's Department to AB&I in order to melt and then reuse the metal from their seized, confiscated or buy-back weapons into less harmful objects such as cast iron pipes.

 Lowe said that: “Everyone at AB&I is proud of our commitment to the community and to law enforcement, working hand in hand to improve our community. “In order to participate in the program, any law enforcement agency can simply call the foundry to make arrangements for the secure bulk delivery of weapons to AB&I for melting and repurposing through the metals recycling process.

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Oakland's Community Toy Drive

On December 5th, AB&I volunteered at the Oaland's Community Toy Drive to provide over 9000 Oakland families with gift certificates to local toy stores. This is the 3rd year we volunteer.  Althouhg a little bit different due to the pandemic, we love to see the faces of the families receiving a little bit of cheer during these difficult times.

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UCSF Takes Virtual Tour of AB&I

AB&I was proud to host occupational health students from the University of California at San Francisco for a virtual tour on Aug. 26.

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Rose - The Iron Woman

In celebration of women in engineering, manufacturing, and the skilled trades, AB&I has developed an iron woman character named “Rose”.  The foundry has had a long history with their iron man character who is a big burly man. It was time for AB&I to feature a female character.  The new Iron Woman pays tribute to the iconic Rosie the Riveter – the women civilians who built the warplanes during the WWII effort.

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Antonio Buenrostro 20th Year Anniversary

Antonio said that 20 years at AB&I have been like a fairytale!

As a team, we have overcome many crises and have been able to move forward.  I really like my job in the pipe department. I focus on what I have to do and take pride in doing it well.

We have shifted and changed with the times.  I like being involved in the community. I also believe in sharing with the community who we are.

The best thing about AB&I is our daily coexistence.  We're like a family!

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