AB&I Foundry takes both social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We have implemented comprehensive programs in both environmental and safety and we have also received awards from the EPA and other environmental agencies for our outstanding sustainability achievements. Through comprehensive programs for water treatment, air pollution reduction, recycling and solid waste management, AB&I has set the standard for responsible foundry practices and policies.

A Green System

By using ~100% post-consumer recycled scrap metal as the raw material, AB&I makes a positive contribution to the environment. AB&I uses tons of scrap metal each year relieving the load on our landfills and reducing the demand for energy by eliminating the need to mine and refine iron ore. Cast iron is truly the GREEN choice and it is ICC-ES certified.

AB&I Sustainability at a Glance

  • 100 million pounds of scrap iron and steel is recycled into finished product, reducing energy use and air emissions.
  • Reduced air emissions by 90% since 2006.
  • Implemented more than 20 energy efficiency projects in the ast five years, equating to 6 million kilowatt hours of savings.
  • 100% process and cooling water is recycled, equating to more than one million gallons per day usage reduction.