AB&I and our team members enjoy a close relationship with neighbors in the community.  We work tirelessly to improve and enhance the quality of life in Oakland through our partnerships, contributions, and efforts.

Economic Empact

  • $15.7 Million in payroll.
  • An economic impact of $60 Million into the local economy through payroll, taxes and local purchases.

Giving Back to the Community

AB&I is proud to participate in many important local events while supporting the community.

Rogelio says that 20 years at AB&I have given him lots of experience and lots of support for his family. He says that without this job, he wouldn’t be where he is at in life. He has truly enjoyed working here. It is like a family. There is harmony here and feels good being here. He likes how we are participating in the community and bringing the inside, out. He likes to help and be part of the community.

Euniece Law - The Legacy Continues
Photo: Euniece Law - The Legacy Continues

As school starts, AB&I is happy to partner with Euniece Law - The Legacy Continues to help provide backpacks to students at Sobrante Park Elementary. Founder Sis Brittia E Johnson said, "We greatly appreciate AB&I's contribution to our 2020 social distant backpack and school supplies give away. Your contributions are a huge asset to the Oakland community and children. We thank you for always being on the front line to give back every time."

El Sobrante Park Elementary School - Backpack Distribution
El Sobrante Park Elementary School - Backpack Distribution